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Bright ideas originate from our creative brains – and become the message that you want your clients to "get."

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Advertising • Creative Promotions • Corporate ID • Brochures • Logos

Advertising • Creative Promotions • Corporate ID • Brochures • Logos • Website Design & Hosting

Advertising • Creative Promotions • Corporate ID • Brochures • Logos • Website Design & Hosting

Our creativity & it's source

Where does ‘general’ creativity come from? How can one person be so creative and another appear to be uncreative? The source of creativity really stems back to the brain - - our “powerhouse” - - and how it works as a conductor of ideas and design.

The Left Brain

The domain and strength of the very linear left brain is associated with verbal, logical, and analytical thinking. It excels in naming and categorizing things, symbolic abstraction, speech, reading, writing, and mathematics. The left brain places things in sequential order -- first things first and then second things second, etc…. It is the “organizer” of our thought processes.

The Right Brain

Associated with the realm of creativity, the right brain functions in a non-verbal manner and excels in visual, spatial, perceptual, and intuitive information, processing information differently than the left brain. This right brain processing happens with lightning speed and looks at the whole picture - - quickly seeking to determine the spatial relationships of all the parts as they relate to the whole. This component of the right brain flourishes in dealing with complexity, ambiguity and paradox.

My Ad Agency works "The Whole Brain"

Compiling logical, analytical, visual, spatial, perceptual, and intuitive information - - resulting in the unique designs desired by our clients.

The Whole Brain -- is the "creative box"

The ultimate goal for all of us is to approach our life and our work using a "whole" brain approach. We can't make the mistake of thinking that the left and right brains are two totally separate entities within our bodies. They are connected and do have areas of overlap.

An integrated "whole" brain approach maximizes the untapped potential of the message you want to get

"out there" - - one that represents your company

in it's best light.

From basic to complex, our capacity to design great promos for your business or venture is maintained with specific individuality and attention to detail.

The nature of our design "science."

The team at MY AD Agency taps in to both sides of the brain's "powerhouse" to employ visual images with factual information - - resulting in solid creative promotions for your company.

For your business,

let the creative right-brain

come together with

the rational left side.

to "whimsical" product branding.

From "serious corporate" ID . . .

Corporate logos and icon examples that we've designed.

Feature logo & product branding examples that we've designed.